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A Documentary Film on the Passivhaus Movement

Charlie Hoxie's new movie can be viewed online for free

It’s not just about energy, says Wolfgang Feist. “I think it’s about comfort. You really get a very comfortable home with no noise, with no drafts, with no cold areas, with a really good indoor climate and with high indoor air quality. This is the most important thing. And you get all this with a very low consumption.”
Image Credit: Passive Passion

Documentary filmmaker Charlie Hoxie has made an excellent new 21-minute documentary film on the Passivhaus movement. Fortunately, the entire film has be posted for viewing on the Four Seven Five website.

The English-language movie includes interviews with European and American designers and builders. Regular GBA readers will probably recognize a few of Hoxie’s interview subjects, including Wolfgang Feist, Henry Gifford, Sam McAfee, and David White.

Energy projections versus energy use

The filmmaker notes, “The points awarded for energy efficiency [for LEED-certified buildings] are based on predictions of how much energy the buildings will use. Unlike Passivhaus, LEED buildings are not required to meet a defined benchmark of actual energy performance.” This stretches the truth somewhat, since Passivhaus buildings (like LEED buildings) are certified based on energy-modeling projections, not actual energy-use data. (To read about a Passivhaus-certified home that used far more energy than projected, see Occupant Behavior Makes a Difference.)

Here’s the link to see the movie: Passive Passion by Charlie Hoxie.


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