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About Us is dedicated to providing the most useful, accurate, and complete information about designing, building, and remodeling energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy homes.

A product of Taunton Press
, publisher of Fine Homebuilding
, draws on 25+ years of experience publishing residential construction information.

All of the editors at (Our Team
) are former builders, remodelers, and designers. Because of that we know the need for a single resource where design and construction professionals and knowledgeable homeowners can get the full complement of the information — and insight — they need to design, build, and remodel green. That’s why we’ve brought proven construction details
, in-depth how-to advice
, a green-products database
, green business strategies
, design tools, and alternate paths to code compliance together in one place.

Some Things We Value

There are several other aspects of that make it very different from other information resources on green homebuilding.

Focus on quality — It should not be a surprise that the publishers of Fine Homebuilding would celebrate the link between green building and quality. We firmly believe you can build a quality home that’s not green, but you can’t build a green home without quality.

Information you can trust — Our information comes from leading green experts around the world — people who have years of experience in sustainable residential building and know what works. That includes our 15 Advisors — top green builders, architects, and remodelers — who contribute frequently to our site.

Insight built on experience — Good information about any topic is valuable, but it’s worth far more if accompanied by the advice and insight that comes from experienced professionals who have had both successes and failures. The “process tips” field notes shown on our construction drawings are a good example.

A conversation, not a lecture — is a suite of online information resources and management tools at its core, but its greatest value comes from the community sharing experiences, questions, techniques, agreement and disagreement, successes and failures, and the wisdom gained from all these.

Information worth paying for — Although access to some of this site is free, full access to the depth of information and the wide variety of hundreds of construction drawings, product reviews, and in-depth how-to information is available by becoming a GBA PRO. Membership can be paid on a monthly or annual basis with your credit card. Learn More

Taunton Press

The Taunton Press has been a trusted source of valuable information and inspiration on the house and home, including homebuilding and design, gardening, woodworking, fiber arts, and cooking for more than 33 years. Millions of consumers purchase our books, magazines, DVDs, and use our websites to improve their skills and expand their horizons. Taunton is a privately held publishing company headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut.

Fine Homebuilding is the most widely read home construction magazine in the country, covering all aspects of residential construction and remodeling for an audience of both hands-on homeowners and professional builders. The magazine is written and edited entirely by professionals from the building and design fields, and it has taken a strong interest in sustainable, energy-efficient building since its beginnings in 1981. It is complimented online by, with its robust community of engaged architects, builders, remodelers, and homeowners.


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