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All American’s “Living Zero” Modular Ready for DOE-Sponsored Tour

The Living Zero Home showcase will visit 16 cities in five months

Tour-ready A configuration of the Living Zero Home, an All American Homes modular dwelling that will be featured during a 16-city tour scheduled for July 1 through November 22. The tour is sponsored by the Department of Energy.
Image Credit: All American Homes

There are house tours and touring houses. The Living Zero Home, an energy-efficient modular dwelling built by All American Homes, is among the latter.

Beginning on July 1 with a five-day stop at the Taste of Chicago festival, the Living Zero Home will visit 15 more cities before its tour ends, on November 22 at the Denver Zoo in Colorado.

All American says the aim of the tour, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, is to show consumers practical ways to reduce home energy costs through day-to-day behavior and the use of products and construction techniques that can make a home’s operation more efficient.

Key features of the Living Zero Home, which was manufactured in All American’s Decatur, Illinois, plant, include Icynene foam insulation; a PV system; low-flow plumbing; Energy Star appliances and Energy Star fixtures with CFL or LED lights; tankless water heaters; bamboo floors; high-performance fiberglass windows; fiber cement siding; a passive-daylighting design; and All American’s Smart Living System, which the company touts as a whole-house energy management and home monitoring system.


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