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Green Building News

Boston’s Redevelopment Shoots for Green

The city authorizes construction of 10 energy efficient homes as part of a recently launched green building initiative

Proposed designs for four of the 10 energy efficient homes that will be built under a provision of Boston’s zoning regulations that is designed to promote private green development.
Image Credit: Energy Positive Green Building Demonstration Program

Boston’s Energy Positive (E+) Green Building Demonstration Program – a residential design and construction initiative – is intended help promote construction of highly energy effiicient homes and, in the process, add several prototypes to the city’s housing stock.

Earlier this month, the city announced that in January it would issue a request for proposals for construction of 10 energy efficient homes on three city-owned parcels – two in the Roxbury neighborhood, south of downtown Boston, and one in the nearby Roslindale neighborhood. The aim is to highlight the benefits of energy efficient homes as well as E+, which puts into action a provision of the city’s zoning regulations (Article 37 Green Building Zoning) intended to promote private green development.

The E+ program was created by Mayor Thomas Menino’s environment cabinet in collaboration with utility companies NSTAR and National Grid, Wainwright Bank, and the U.S. Green Building Council, which are providing preferred “green” financing to participants and promoting E+. The design and construction of the homes are expected to include super insulation, energy efficient lighting, and solar power and solar hot water systems. They’ll also be designed and built to meet LEED for Homes Platinum criteria.

“The findings from E+ will shape Boston’s future green building policies and practices,” the city said in its announcement of the project. “These prototypes will be built in environmentally sustainable locations utilizing high-performance designs and green building materials.”


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