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DOE Kicks Off R-5, Low-E Window Program

The agency’s Builder Technologies Program has readied a special web page to offer triple-glazed and low-e windows at affordable prices

Image Credit: Department of Energy

Earlier this year, the Department of Energy, through its Builder Technology Program, put out request-for-proposals to manufacturers and vendors interested in selling triple-glazed and low-e windows at volume and at affordable prices. The ultimate aim was to help builders and other industry professionals overcome the principal barrier to their use of R-5 and low-e windows – cost.

By February 19, the proposal deadline, more than 50 prospective participants had responded. And on Thursday, May 27, 30 vendors and 23 key partners will participate in the BTP’s public launch of the Highly Insulating R5 Windows and Low-e Storm Windows Volume Purchase Program, scheduled for 3 p.m. at the National Association of Home Builders headquarters 1201 15th Street NW, Washington, D.C. Of more interest to most builders and remodelers is the fact that the program’s official website is scheduled to go live at the same time (check the BTP information page here for the new web address and program developments).

The DOE also is presenting a free 90-minute webinar – “Cost-Effective Triple Pane (R-5) and Low-e Storm Windows: Available Now” – on June 22, which is designed to explain how the program work and to highlight the performance characteristics of the windows. The target audience, the DOE says, includes weatherization agencies, housing authorities, builders, contractors, and distributors. Although access to the webinar is free, participants must register in advance to obtain the webinar URL, an access password, and the phone number for audio. Click here for details about the webinar. Click here to register in advance.

One Comment

  1. Tristan Roberts | | #1

    Website not that helpful
    Has anyone spent much time on the R-5 windows website, or tried to use it? I found that it was not very helpful, especially when billed as a bulk purchasing program. If it brings down prices, great, but it's hard to find the low prices. You still have to go through and get quotes from 30+ vendors.

    I wrote about this in more detail for Environmental Building News:

    What are your thoughts?

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