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Flashing the Jambs of Pre-Cased Windows and Doors

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Flashing windows and doors with pre-applied trim, such as brickmold, is a lot trickier than flashing a window or door with flanged jambs that will be covered with trim later. In this video, Mike shows how to do it with specialized, double-sided peel-and-stick membrane on one side and standard peel-and-stick membrane on the other.

Video Transcript: There’s another way to do a jamb flashing on a cased door, and that’s using a pre-made flashing tape designed specifically for door and cased window installations. This one is already prepared for both the face flashing, which goes on the wall, as well as the back flashing, which would go to the jamb as well as the back side of the casing itself. The part that goes on the back side of the casing and the jamb is already pre-scribed, which makes it real easy to pull off the release liner and expose the sticky part—and we can do that right now. We’ll just extend this down over the bottom of the jamb of the door by about 3 or 4 inches.

Inside corners must be tight

I’ll pull off that first strip of release liner, and then I’ll fold that adhesive part back onto its face so that it doesn’t stick when I put it on. This is a butyl-based adhesive, so it’s not quite as aggressive as an asphalt based, so that makes it…


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