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Green Communities

Green Technical Assistance Providers Wanted

Enterprise Green Communities posts RFQ

Enterprise Green Communities is seeking qualified consultants to expand its Technical Assistance Providers Network in response to the growing demand for specialized technical assistance designing, developing, and operating green affordable housing developments. Enterprise has released its second national Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify the nation’s leading green professionals in the residential building sector. The objective of this RFQ is to expand the delivery of technical assistance to local affordable housing developers.

The network of approved technical assistance providers will support project teams in one or more of the following categories:

Integrated Design

Design Review

Energy Services

Construction Review

HVAC and Air Sealing/Insulation Walk-Throughs

Healthy Living Environment

Post-Construction Completion Review

Operations and Maintenance

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a response to this RFQ that conveys organizational qualifications and project experience by

July 19, 2010.

To access the RFQ go to:


  1. Doug McEvers | | #1

    Amy, What are the goals of the program relative to energy efficiency and otherwise?

  2. Amy Hook | | #2

    Response to "Goals"
    Hi Doug - Thanks for your question...
    Enterprise's Green Communities is the first national standard for green affordable housing. We work with affordable housing developers and public entities to ensure that green and affordable are one and the same. The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria is the backbone of our work and can be followed to achieve certification. You can find more about the energy efficiency goals of the Criteria at: We provide technical assistance, in a variety of ways including capacity building, document creation, education and training, to affordable housing developers and public entities throughout the country. For more information on Enterprise Green Communities, please visit our website at…

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