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How to Air-Seal Electrical and Plumbing Penetrations in an Attic

1. Introduction (free) 2. Materials Overview (free) 3. Ceiling-to-Wall Connections 4. Ventilating Rafter Bays 5. Attic Knee Wall 6. Sealing Ductwork 7. Soffits and Chases 8. Ceiling Electrical Boxes 9. Holes for Pipes and Wires


Thermal Bypass Checklist package (50+ details).


  1. Tim Miller | | #1

    Great Stuff fire blocking
    Great Stuff fire blocking spray foam is not fire rated at all in fact it like any other Great stuff foam can com-bust if exposed to 240 degrees?- per the cans printed information. The only difference is it is colored orange. Fire block instead would be mineral wool insulation ....

  2. GBA Editor
    Mike Guertin | | #2

    Reply to Tim
    Reply to Tim Miller:
    According to information provided by Dow Chemical, Great Stuff Fire Blocking foam is "Recognized as an Alternate Fireblocking material for residential construction. Tested according to ASTM E84, ASTM E814 (modified), UL 1715" It is also listed in Dow's ICC-ESR # 1961 where under section 2.0 "Uses" Great Stuff Fireblock (and several other Great Stuff products) is "recognized for use as an alternative to the methods prescribed by the code for maintaining integrity of penetrations of fireblocking."

    It's ultimately up to the local building and fire officials to approve alternative methods not prescribed in the building code. So verify if local building codes require specific measures for fire blocking and if officials accept individual ICC-ES reports before using a fire blocking methods and materials. Also, the use depicted and described in the video is residential construction and does not correspond to commercial construction.

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