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LEED Posts Top 10 List

Illinois tops the national rankings for certified commercial and industrial space for the second year running

On a per-capita basis, Illinois had more LEED-certified commercial and industrial construction than any other state in 2014. Residential building was not included.

The U.S. Green Building Council released its list of top 10 states for LEED-certified commercial and industrial space in 2014, collectively adding up to more than 5,700 acres.

Rankings are made on a per-capita basis, comparing the square footage of LEED-certified projects to population. Illinois, with 174 certified projects, accounted for a total of 42.5 million square feet of space, or a per-capita total of 3.31. California had much more certified space, 69.8 million square feet in all, but a per capital ranking of only 1.87.

Neither single-family nor multifamily residential projects are included in the tally. In a separate report last year, the USBGC said it had certified 12,995 single-family and 40,599 multifamily units; California was the top state, with 9,186 units.

In the most recent report for commercial and industrial building, the rest of the top 10 list included (in descending order) Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Georgia, Minnesota. Arizona, and New York were tied for 10th with per capita square footage of 1.74.

Georgia and Arizona were new to the list.

The District of Columbia was miles ahead of the rest of the pack with a per-capita rating of 29.44, but it’s not part of the state rankings because it’s a federal district without statehood status.

In total, 1,662 projects became certified last year in the top 10 states, representing a total of 251.7 million square feet (5,779 acres). Worldwide, the total was 675.7 million square feet.


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