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Green Communities

New 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria

The new criteria include tighter energy requirements, location differentiation (rural, suburban, urban), construction details, and more

Image Credit: Enterprise Community Partners

Our team here at Enterprise Green Communities is elated to present the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria contain detailed information that address aspects of design, development and operations. The Criteria are grouped into the following eight categories:

• Integrative Design

• Location and Neighborhood Fabric

• Site Improvements

• Water Conservation

• Energy Efficiency

• Materials Beneficial to the Environment

• Healthy Living Environment

• Operations and Maintenance

Many of you are familiar with the 2008 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and will easily notice the differences between it and the 2011 version. For those who want a cheat sheet – I am only going to give you a few small hints in this posting – you can find a more comprehensive document here.

Amy’s small hints:

• The energy section is tighter (Pun completely intended!)

• It makes a difference if your project is rural, suburban or urban

• Look for construction details, additional checklists and a super-cool new design

And, you can find the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria here .

Lots more to come on our new criteria in subsequent blogs…


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