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Registration Opens for BuildingEnergy Conference

Early registration for the March 7 NESEA conference in Boston will save you $150

Image Credit: NESEA

Registration has opened for the 2017 BuildingEnergy conference in Boston, a major regional gathering and trade show for industry professionals interested in high-performance building and renewable energy. The conference is sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).

Pre-conference workshops take place on Tuesday, March 7, with sessions on energy modeling, net-zero construction, efficient hot-water systems, product selection for high-performance building, and life-cycle analysis for building components.

Conference sessions start on March 8, beginning with opening comments from Craig Jones of the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. In addition to the dozens of workshops scheduled over March 8 and 9, the NESEA has planned community events such as “Office Hours with the Experts,” “NESEA Night 2017,” and the “Emerging Professional Career Forum.” A variety of vendors will staff booths at a trade show.

The conference takes place at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. There are a number of pricing options, depending on what parts of the program you want to attend.


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