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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: All About Advanced Framing

When we use less lumber in our walls we are not only saving a resource, and some money, we're creating more space for insulation

Advanced framing is a technique designed to minimize thermal bridging. When reframing walls in an existing older house, the problem gets more complex. Drawing courtesy of Fine Homebuilding.

Advanced framing, also called optimum-value engineering, or OVE, was developed decades ago as a way of saving materials and making more energy-efficient buildings, but many designers and builders have been reluctant to adopt it. Though many of the details will be familiar to GBA reader—2×6 framing on 24 inch centers, two-stud corners, single top plates—other see weak structures, wavy walls, and not enough fastening for drywall and trim when the imagine houses built with this approach.

While advanced framing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition, many builders—including our panelists—Mike Guertin and Tim Uhler—have adopted it as their standard way of building a house. This episode of The BS* + Beer Show begins with a presentation from Guertin on advanced framing techniques and their benefits before we get into an open discussion of the pros and cons of building this way, take some attendee questions, and bring on some surprise guests. Enjoy the show!

The next show is Thursday, July 2, from 6 to 7:30 pm: Independence day celebration. In this open-format episode, after an introduction by John Deans, carpenter and marketing director at Emerald Builders, we’ll all discuss (yes, including you) the topic: “Pushing for the win,” how to educate clients, train employees and subs, and generally get everyone on board for shared goals of making a positive climate impact as we design and build efficient, comfortable, durable, and healthy homes. We want to hear your thoughts on the big-picture of designing and building homes in the midst of a climate crisis, and the impact of small victories in your day-to-day work. Because we are switching to a different format this week, we have a special link to register: register for The BS* + Beer Show Independence day celebration.

Brian Pontolilo is a former editor at Fine Homebuilding magazine and Green Building Advisor.

One Comment

  1. JC72 | | #1

    Great discussion. It seems the OVE has max'd out it's reach due to the greater implementation of exterior insulation. I think Allison Bailes wrote an article comparing the whole wall R-value of a 2x6 @ 24" vs 2x4 @ 16"oc + 1 inch exterior foam. IIRC the 2x4 plus rigid performed as well if not better vs the 2x6.

    I also didn't realize that cellulose appears to be on the wane due to the lack of waste paper as newsprint sales continue to decline.

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