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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Leadership Transitions

A conversation about transitioning a business into its next chapter as the founder gives over the reins

The South Mountain team, clockwise from top left: Deirdre Bohan, John Abrams, Billy Dillon, Rob Meyers, Siobhan Mullin, Rocco Bellebuono, Ryan Bushey, and Newell Isbell Shinn. Image credit: Sam Moore.

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features John Abrams, Paul Eldrenkamp, Deirdre Bohan, and Rachel White talking about leadership transitions—what it takes to pass an established company onto the right people as its founders retire. The premise is: good building science isn’t possible without a good business model. Their advice includes holding out for people who excite you, cultivating leadership skills internally, keeping current on changing needs, “paths to ownership,” and the importance of guiding principles. It is a surprisingly applicable conversation with lessons for all—not only those looking to sell or buy a business.

Enjoy the show!

The BS* + Beer Show schedule

Episodes air the first Thursday of the month. The next show is on June 2, 2022, from 6-7:30 p.m. ET, when we will talk about Foundation Systems with Lucas Johnson, Josh Salinger, and Steve Demetrick. They will share their preferred systems and explain the benefits, considerations, and applications. Helical piers, concrete-free slabs, ICFs / ICCFs, slab on grade, permanent wood, and the associated carbon impact of each are sure to be part of the discussion.


Josh Salinger sits on the board of Passive House Northwest and works out of a converted 1930s passenger railcar as the CEO of Birdsmouth Design Build. He is based in Portland, OR.

Steve DeMetrick is owner of DeMetrick Housewrights. He has been building houses since he graduated from Georgetown University in 1995. He worked for Habitat for Humanity in inner city Washington, DC as an AmeriCorps volunteer for two years, then moved back to Wakefield in 1998 and has been building and remodeling in his community ever since. He is a Certified Passive House Builder and built the first PHIUS Certified Passive House in the state. He is an active member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association and is an occasional contributor to the Journal of Light Construction and Fine Homebuilding magazines. He also served on the Board of Passive House Massachusetts.

Lucas Johnson is a building scientist based in Tucson, AZ. He has spent two decades leading the charge toward building low-carbon, high-performance homes. Lucas holds degrees in physicochemical biology from UCLA and eco-entrepreneurship from UCSB. He is also a certified Passive House professional and a BPI Building Analyst. Lucas is co-owner of Vali Homes, where he enjoys collaborating with architects, engineers, and builders to make projects cost-effective, durable, healthy, green, and enjoyable. Prior to Vali Homes, he served as the Western Regional Manager at 475 High Performance Building Supply.

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Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor.







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