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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Playing With Fire: Indoor Combustion

If you are going to burn wood or use other combustion appliances in a tight enclosure, here are some tips for doing it safely

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features engineers Sonia Barrantes, Kristof Irwin, and Brian Ault discussing the topic of indoor combustion—particularly wood-burning—in super-tight homes. Their bottom line? Don’t do it. However, if unavoidable, you’ll want to see their presentation, as it explains the finer points of doing it right. Enjoy the show!

Join us on Thursday, April 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST when Scott Dionne, Shaun St-Amour, Will Grupenhoff, and Jim Muhaw will talk about wood-fiber insulation—the various products available and their properties, applications, sources, costs, and current and potential future role in the residential market. We are sure to hear about who is using what and why. 

Guest bios

Scott Dionne is chief marketing officer at GO Lab. Prior to joining the company, Scott spent 13years as an executive manager at S.W. Collins Company, a multi-store lumber and building material retailer and custom millwork manufacturer in Maine. Before that, Dionne worked in millwork and building product sales for Northeast regional distributor Brockway-Smith Company. He grew up in Maine and in the LBM industry, starting as a delivery driver and salesperson at the local lumberyard in his hometown and continuing to work through high school and college in this role. Dionne leverages his deep experience in the LBM industry and passion to support Maine’s working forests in his approach to marketing, branding, sales, and market adoption strategies for GO Lab, while mapping out distribution channels ahead of production.

Shaun St-Amour is product consultant for 475 High Performance Building Supply. With a degree in Wood Products Processing, Shaun graduated from The University of British Columbia. He is a certified Passive House Tradesperson and obtained a Building Construction Technology Associate Certificate from BCIT while working with Viceroy Homes and BOSA Construction. You may have seen him in social media recently traveling around with the Ice Box Challenge where he helped educate the public on the benefits of Passive house building in Vancouver, Seattle, Philadelphia and New York. Education is another passion for Shaun as he now is involved with teaching the Passive House Tradesperson course at BCIT and is working towards building their high performance building lab. If Shaun isn’t talking about passive houses, he’s playing Lego with his two daughters or working on his hubby-do list for his wife.

Jim Muhaw is a technical sales representative at Rotho Blaas, a multinational building solutions provider based in Northern Italy. Rothoblaas innovates to provide better solutions to build with wood and high-performance/low-energy buildings. Jim became a licensed home inspector in the State of New Jersey, then went on to become certified under the Passive House Institute as an Envelope Specialist. His passion is to build better buildings that have a positive impact on people’s health and the climate crisis. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Will Grupenhoff is vice president of business development at Global Wholesale Supply. His entire career has been in sales and marketing with experience in the wood-fiber building products industry since 2001. For the past five years, Will has been focused on introducing Steico wood-fiber insulation products into the North American market. His focus is on timber framing, cross laminated timber, Passive House projects, and green builders. 

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BS* + Beer Book Club

Because the hosts of the BS* + Beer Show all love to read, we thought we would celebrate the authors in our industry by adding a book club to the show every few months. We’ll announce the book, give you a few months to get it and read it, and conclude with a BS* + Beer Show episode where we will invite the author to join us, present, and take questions.

Musings of an Energy Nerd

We have selected our fourth book: Musings of an Energy Nerd: Toward an Energy-Efficient Home by Martin Holladay, which can be purchased at the Taunton Store.

We hope you will pick up a copy and join the discussion on July 8, 2021.


Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor. She can be reached at [email protected]. Photo courtesy of episode guests.


  1. joenorm | | #1

    Is there a link to this video?

    1. Expert Member
      Michael Maines | | #2

      Joe, it looks like they didn't get a chance to put it up yet, but hopefully it will be posted here tomorrow:

  2. mateo21 | | #3

    Patrick mentioned that an audio-only version of these zooms is available on Apple Podcasts, I can't seem to locate it. Hopefully there is something I'm missing and it's there, as I would love to listened to all of these!

  3. rockies63 | | #4

    I enjoyed the presentation by Sonia Barrantes about not putting a wood stove into a passive or pretty good house, however there was no mention of what to replace the wood stove with in order to heat your home. Many people who choose a wood stove are in a rural location and if they are off grid what do they use for heat?

    I would like to see a podcast discussing systems for space and DHW heating in an off grid rural environment, especially for small homes under 1200 sq' in size. For example, could you run a Sandon co2 heat pump water heater off of a PV system in a northern environment {say zone 6B}. Could you add an induction range with PV? How about a range hood or water circulation pumps?

    Since all types of combustion appliances are discouraged in passive and pretty good houses would a Mr. Cool mini split unit work off grid? I mention them because the kit is DIY and doesn't need a tech to commission it.

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