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Upcoming: Green Building Summit

Peter Yost

Join Peter Yost on your computer for a Green Building Summit on April 22. Peter’s presentation, entitled “Sustainabilty Requires Durability,” will be streamed live online at 3:00 pm (eastern time). Description: How do green building, durability, and quality fit together? It turns out that the connections among these aspects of building are inextricable yet too often ignored. Connecting these three is essential in designing, specifying and constructing high performance buildings. This session will explore how to dovetail sustainability and durability and also take a look at how they are treated in the USGBC’s LEED for Homes program. Date: April 22 Time: 3:00 ET Sign up below to attend the live presentation. An on-demand version of the presentation will be available on this site shortly afterward. About the Green Building Summit At this summit, experts from the business, architecture, and engineering communities converge to illustrate best practices, case studies, tips, and strategies to capitalize on the trend toward green building. For businesses, these presentations will describe how to cut costs with efficient building design, and for all attendees the summit will provide insight into the best ways to reduce your environmental impact from a planning and building perspective. More information.


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