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Vera Novak Dies at 55

GBA blogger succumbs to cancer

Vera Novak

Longtime GBA blogger Vera Novak died on January 28, 2016, after a prolonged battle with cancer. We will miss her.

Novak, a champion of women in the field of construction and green building practices, received a Masters of Science degree in Building Construction Science in 2011 from Virginia Tech. A year later, she received her PhD in Environmental Design and Planning from the same institution.

GBA introduced Novak to our readers in a 2011 article, “Blog Review: Eco Build Trends Blog.”

Over the past four years, GBA published 12 blogs by Novak:

Vera is survived by her mother, Ruzena Novak; her sister, Jana Novak Garner; her sister, Eva Novak; her husband, David Franke; her daughters Charlene and Katie; her brother, Peter Novak; his wife, Teresa, and daughters Marissa and Kendra; her stepsons, Nathan Sondelski (and Eleanor Rudasi) and Benjamin Sondelski (and daughter Claudia).

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  1. user-689896 | | #1

    Very sorry to hear it. My
    Very sorry to hear it. My wife just won a battle with cancer, and it it easy after that to forget that sometimes it goes the other way. I am sorry.

    My condolences to her family.

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