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We want to make talking about Green Building Advisor — or covering it in detail — as easy as possible for you. Our articles run a wide spectrum and go from shallow to deep. Begin with the basics, our Green Building Primer, and move deeper into our Green Building Encyclopedia.

We Love Bloggers; and we know how hard it is to come up with fresh content every day. Fortunately for you, we’ve got articles going up daily and we love to share!

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Editors, Reporters, Producers: We’ve assembled a lot of things (below) that will familiarize you with the site and help in reporting on it or green building in general.

If you need an expert to interview for a story, we can put you in touch with the best in the business.

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  1. crowboy | | #1

    Wow. What a ridiculous amount of rigamarole to ask a simple question. Your email links don't work and you don't publish an email address, that I've found so far. You really don't like to be contacted, do you.

    I am blogging on climate change, right now for 350 PDX, but I may use the material elsewhere later. I am crusading against climate change and I do not anticipate ever being paid for this work. I am writing about furring out walls with Larsen trusses to add insulation and I would like permission to use this photo, found on one of your websites, to illustrate that.

    John O

    --and I can't do this without leaving my email address or phone number on an open comments page. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Deleted | | #2


  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    John O,
    Feel free to contact me by email anytime. (I'm the editor of Green Building Advisor.) My email address is martin [at] greenbuildingadvisor [dot] com.

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