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17v Vmax NewPowa vs 18v Vmax Renogy with Victron MPPT

ArimaKisho | Posted in General Questions on

I am working a RV solar application with very limited roof space, the standard 100W panels won’t fit. My goal is to have at least 200w panel on the roof so my panel options are as following. (due to AC unit shading, panels will have to be connected in parallel).
1. Renogy 100w + 50w x 2(21.6v/17.9v), total of 200w. consistent Vmax and Voc.
2. NewPowa 75w x 3 (17v/20.3v) x 3, total of 225w. consistent but lower Vmax.

They will be used with a Victron SmartSolar 20A MPPT controller.
#2 is my preferred config, as it provides 25w more and would be simpler to install and better aesthetics as well. But I don’t know the 1v drop in Vmax would have any negative impact on output. My Victron MPPT charger requires Voc 5v over battery voltage to start charging and 1v over battery to stay in charging mode. My lithium battery (3.4×4) has 13.6v near full charge, so I am looking at minimal 14.6v Vmax and 18.6Voc, which is within 17v and 20.3v.

But my questions is, in practice, would this reduce the duration of a day that I get solar charging from these panels? compared to Renogy panels which has about 1v Vmax over NewPowa?


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