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Suresill Plastic Window Sills

Ryan_SLC | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone use/recommend the original Suresill plastic window sills?

I’m not a builder, just a homeowner. Window details worry me a bit on the rough opening. (no rigid foam installed).
I plan:
-wide and total vapor perm liquid flashing and corner pieces from Benjamin Obdyke,
-Vapor perm Benjamin Obdyke UV+ tape at 9″ long over the liquid flash on the window.

But the bottom dam and slope sill give me pause, along with the z flashing perfectly on the top.

So enters the “SureSill” plastic top and bottom option from Amazon/HD. A good idea? Not terribly expensive. Maybe this makes the liquid flashing redundant, but I am okay with that. I just want to make sure I don’t do something dumb. Worst case, extra money right? Good idea. Or GBA says, no, don’t do it?

Thank you!

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