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Attaching LP Smartside to ICF house

JBICF | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I’m looking for detailed information on how to install LP smartside on an ICF house. If anyone can help me out, the more information the better.

Thank you,

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You need to follow the installation instructions provided by your ICF manufacturer and by the siding manufacturer. Different ICF manufacturers provide different requirements.

    Here is the relevant section from the LP SmartSide instructions:

    Alternative Fastening Option over ICF Assemblies
    • 38 and 76 Series Precision lap must be fastened with:
    • Minimum #8 hot dip galvanized tapered head self-drilling screw with a 0.270 in. diameter head.
    • Minimum penetration of 3/8 in. beyond the thickness of the nailing flange.
    • Larger screws may be required by the ICF Manufacturer based on the following minimum withdrawal requirements.
    • Minimum withdrawal value of the ICF nailing flange must be 50 lbs. with a maximum 12 in. O.C. screw spacing.
    • Minimum withdrawal value of the ICF nailing flange must be 31 lbs. with a maximum 6 in. O.C. screw spacing.

  2. user-7727938 | | #2

    LP Smartside Technical Note No. 018 specifies that "LP always requires the use of a WRB behind LP Smartside .." This makes it not practical to apply the required furring strips. So, I eliminated LP Smartside from consideration for application to the ICF house that I am building.

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