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Attic Temps After Closed-Cell Spray Foam Installation

whnh | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

Curious what the data nerds here would say about the results I am seeing from my attic ceiling insulation.

This is CZ 5a, an attic with air handler/ductwork which I just converted to conditioned with R38 worth of closed cell foam. The attached shows temps in the second floor and in the attic compared to outdoor temp during a heatwave. Currently the entire HVAC system in the house is OFF as I am not living there full time so obviously temps are high but I am focused on the differential which was generally ~3-4 degrees.

Seems like that would indicate pretty solid success, would you agree? I didn’t live in the house prior to the insulation going in but I have to assume with direct sun exposure that roof was getting well, well over 100F on hot days previously. I am hoping this goes a long way in helping with the heating and cooling keep up on extreme days and lowers my utility bills.


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