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Best windows for sound control?

chfJQT26D9 | Posted in General Questions on

I live on a highway — looking to replace windows and doors to reduce sound transmission.

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  1. jklingel | | #1

    Domenic: My understanding is that any of the gas-filled, triple pane windows are far superior to older, double pane, air filled windows, if that is what you are replacing. You may want to look into the right kind of glazing, and whether or not you need double or triple pane, etc, while you are at it. There is no sense in replacing the windows and missing out on heat control.

  2. Danny Kelly | | #2

    Domenic - what you are looking for is the windows STC rating. This is a rating on the sound transmission. One window manufacturer vs another typically does not make too much of a difference in their STC rating due to the fact that most of the window companies use the same glass munufacturer and the majority of the rating is based on the glass. It is typically pretty expensive to upgrade to the glass with a high STC rating (I think you want to be in the 50 range but you may want to double check that) so unless there are other reasons to replace, old, rotted, energy efficiency, etc. you may be better off trying some interior storm windows.

  3. Riversong | | #3

    Erect a sound barrier at the property line.

  4. BobHr | | #4

    Do the windows and doors need replacing or is this more for sound control?

    How are the walls insulated and how much wall area vs windows. If you already have double pane then maybe dense pack would be better

  5. chfJQT26D9 | | #5

    4 year old new home , wanted to replace front door and windows because didnt think they were any good for sound

  6. yGbXbSEEDq | | #6

    Morning Dominic, I am in the middle of a remodel and asked my material supplier the same question. They have some experience in the area as they are in a county the has a Naval Air Field, and that county requires noise reduction glass in homes built in the area Their answer was that all window manufacturers will make windows with noise reduction glass. As I understand it the outer pane is as thicker glass than the inner pane. Their rule of thumb was the it added about 30% to the price of the window. A reasonable price of it works. The same idea for store doors was very expensive, adding $500 to the price of a door. Good Luck

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