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Blueskin self adhesive membrane tape is expensive.. I think I have an answer..

kenorakq | Posted in General Questions on

I was wandering through the isle at HD and noticed that the (Blueskin) 6″ wide tape x 50 ft is $30 but the big roll of membrane 36″ x 200 ft is only $128.

It occurred to me that I could either unroll the larger membrane and slice it into 6″ (or any width) strips across the 36″ width or roll out the length I need (say 72″ and cut strips along the length.

Is that a genius idea or as I fear… the two products are not the same. I am hoping the Bakor Blueskin WP 200 is just a giant roll of whats in the 50 ft rolls.

Anyone ever consider this or look into it?

The intention is to use it for sealing around doors and windows.

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  1. kenorakq | | #1

    or VP100?

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    If I were you, I would compare the thicknesses of the two products. That information should be available online. If the thicknesses are the same, I think there is nothing wrong with your idea -- except that it's a lot of work.

  3. mfredericks | | #3

    Tim, I recently purchased and used the smaller 6" x 50' roll and I'm fairly certain it's the same product. After working with both I think they're darn close if not exactly the same thing. I thought about doing what you propose and cut strips out of the wider roll - its a bit of work, but useful if you need different widths.

  4. dankolbert | | #4

    If you don't mind making a mess, you could also slice it perpendicular to the tube and have full rolls at various widths. A sawzall with a coarse blade would probably do the job. We've done that with house wrap but obviously there isn't the goo to deal with.

  5. GBA Editor
    Patrick Mccombe | | #5

    A power miter saw is the way to cut down a roll of housewrap. It might work for the Henry self-adhesive version too.

  6. dankolbert | | #6

    I dunno, Patrick - I've done it with house wrap but I think you'd get the adhesive all over the saw - would be a pain to clean. I guess if you could borrow a friend's saw...

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