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Half height Blueskin for a foundation?

Castleford | Posted in General Questions on

I’m installing perimeter drains around my foundation, 4″ PVC drainpipe with a run to daylight.
I was thinking of  waterproofing my foundation with either a roll/brush on rubber compound or the Blueskin membrane.But I don’t trust the brushon stuff down at the footing where the concrete blocks form a seam.
This is where the question lies….here in Canada the Blueskin is pretty expensive so I don’t want to use it except where needed, and I can buy some brushon waterproofing compound at a great price.
I want to run the blueskin up from the footing/cement block joint up the wall about 2-1/2′, then roll on the waterproofing compound the rest of the way up to grade, (2 coats) then install delta dimpled membrane in the normal fashion .
Does anyone think the water would/could make it under the blueskin?

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    All peel and stick membranes need to be terminated at the top. What you are proposing is technically a reverse lap. Blueskin folks I think sells specific compound for this.

    The amount of extra work for this half/half setup will probably cancel out the savings. If you are worried about water, than go with a full height peel and stick. Simpler and guaranteed to work.

  2. Castleford | | #2

    Ok, thanks. I think I'll go with the full Blueskin then.

  3. Expert Member
    Peter Yost | | #3

    If you are really worried about the cold joint between the footing and the foundation, there is a solution for that: waterstops. See this GBA blog:


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