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Buying EPS in New Jersey (or “Using your ideal product: fantasy vs. reality”)

Patrick_OSullivan | Posted in General Questions on

It’s always nice when you settle on using a particular product and then find out that no one actually stocks said product.

I had decided to use Insulfoam type IX EPS below a soon to be poured slab. Turns out that aside from large custom orders for commercial jobs, the product is basically non-existent in New Jersey. I verified this with Insulfoam directly.

After having with spoken with several different roofing supply and building supply companies–most who spoke to me as if I were crazy–it seems like EPS is not used in construction in New Jersey. Everyone has XPS options, but no EPS.

Any suggestions as to where to source from before I give up and just get XPS?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Patrick.

    I find that hard to believe, but I'm sure you have looked around enough to know. You could try the Pro Services desk at a Home Depot. I've not used this service myself, but the company claims that they can offer a lot more in terms of products and services than what you see in the store.

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    Patrick, I buy EPS from Branch River Plastics in Rhode Island. They will ship any amount to Maine, and I imagine the same for NJ. It's cost effective, comparable to buying XPS locally. Plus they use borate-treated EPS so it's resistant to insects.

    1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #5

      Thanks Michael. Your suggestion gave me an idea, namely, to look for manufacturers of EPS in New Jersey. I found one:

      They were very responsive and helpful. They were willing to sell direct to me and deliver. The minimum amount was a little more than I needed, but the price being lower balanced that out. Unfortunately, the delivery timeline was a bit further out than I needed. If I had planned this out a bit better, I most likely would have sourced from them.

      I ended up finding a single Home Depot in the area that had Insulfoam's R-Tech product in stock, and I went that route.

  3. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #3

    Did you try googling reclaimed insulation?

    1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #6

      I've certainly explored that route. From what I've seen, the minimum quantities tend to be much more than I needed for my addition.

  4. user-912539 | | #4

    Insulation Corporation of America is located in Allentown PA. They are the closest block molder to NJ.
    In addition, I recommend you consider a 1 pound or 1.25 pound density foam. The IX (2 pound) specification is overkill unless your pouring a footer on top of the foam as we often do in Passive House builds or other super high performing structures. The lower density foam will save you a fair bit in your construction costs. I typically use pound and a quarter and have no issues when it's an interior slab.

    1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #7

      Thank you! I ended up with lower density and thickness after doing some more reading about subslab insulation in climate zone 4.

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