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Conscientious contractors in New Jersey

Patrick_OSullivan | Posted in General Questions on

Alternate Title: Help Me Find the Mike Guertin of New Jersey

I’m doing an extensive renovation/addition on my home in New Jersey. I am managing the project directly myself which, though I feel comfortable doing it, is proving to be an exercise in micromanagement to get the desired product out of contractors I am able to find.

I have one absolutely excellent craftsman working on many aspects of the project, but he is a one man show which limits in scope the parts of the project he can take on.

As we enter the next phase of the build, which includes framing, window installation, self-adhered WRB installation, flashing details, and roofing, I’m looking to see if there are builders/contractors in the north-central area of New Jersey that might be a good addition to my pool of subcontractors.

It’s not a huge house, but it needs a crew and equipment for certain aspects of the project. I want to be able to clear outline my vision, standards, and rely on this person/team to get things done.

Any recommendations?

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