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Can you recommend a Passivhaus or LEED-certified modular builder in the New Jersey area?

robertmedoro | Posted in General Questions on

I am interested in having a net zero modular home built in the new jersey shore area. I would love a home built to passivhaus standards but would settle for leed or some other ultra efficient modular home builders. I cant seem to locate anyone on the internet. can you point me to a reputable company?

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  1. dankolbert | | #1

    Try Bright Built Homes - they are making high performance modular homes and trying to partner with builders all over the northeast.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Another option is Westchester Modular Homes, a company that built a modular home in Teaneck, N.J. that aimed to meet the Passivhaus standard. To read about that project, see Passivhaus Building the Modular Way.

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    Robert, we build panelized Passive Houses and install them anywhere: We don't do turn-key that far away though, just the building envelope.

  4. user-4978078 | | #4

    Hi Robert,
    My company, Bleu Nest, is nearly done completing NJ's first internationally certified Passive House in Ramsey. I am a certified passive house consultant, certified passive house tradesperson and LEED AP. My team and I are fully committed to sustainable building. I would be thrilled to have you come out and take a look at our project and learn more about the home you would like to live in.

  5. robertmedoro | | #5

    Mr. Moskowitz,
    I would love to speak with you about your experience. Particularly about why you built part on site and had part prefabbed. I am at the very beginning stages so I havent screwed up...yet!!!
    thank you for your very generous offer to visit your home.
    Please email me at [email protected].
    Thanks so much!

  6. LenMinNJ | | #6

    > Particularly about why you built part on site and had part prefabbed.

    It was a tradeoff. (Isn't everything?)

    We wanted a dormered-out third floor. That meant we couldn't have a fold-up/out roof on the top of the two second-floor modules because they would've ended being too tall to transport from the factory to our site.

    We could have added two more modules for the roof, for a total of six modules, instead of the four that we finally used. That was the more expensive option.

    The less expensive option was to build the dormered-out third floor and roof on-site. It took more time, but in the end I can say that - cost-wise - it was the right decision.

  7. jrmrt | | #7

    Mr. Medoro,

    If you're interested in someone who is more local, we have done LEED for Homes and are certified Passivhaus designers. We would love to hear more about your potential project, if you're interested. Our site is the following:
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  8. LenMinNJ | | #8

    We built the first PHIUS+ pre-certified Passive House in NJ. We used Westchester Modular Home for the four first- and second-floor modules (a total of 2300 square feet).

    Before you contact them, please ask us about our experiences.

    The poured concrete basement, the third-floor and dormered roof were built on-site.

    You can see the building process on our Facebook group page: Passive House NJ .

    I can recommend our PHIUS-certified architect and other consultants.

    We've been living in the house for a bit more than a year. I'd be glad to share what we learned with you. And you are welcome to visit.

    Another solution is to approach Bensonwood up in Walpole NH ( They are among the most experienced factory builders of high energy efficiency homes, and there are times when I wished we had accepted their proposal.

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