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Cheap, good tape for air sealing with typar housewrap?

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

Hi. I am in zone 4a (Nashville area). 

I need an effective and inexpensive seam sealing strategy for sealing my typar housewrap?

It appears that Tyvek tape is about the cheapest tape. However, I do not want to regret not buying “authentic” typar tape if it will work better, so I thought I should ask for advice and sanity check. 

Any advice is welcome!

I read over the backyard tape test and it said most tapes appeared to work well with housewrap. So, I thought if I bought the cheapest tape available, 

I am building a post frame (pole barn) house/shop. Since I will not be using exterior sheathing for my air sealing layer, I will need to detail the Typar housewrap I picked up for a song. My current plan is to put the housewrap on the exterior girts (horizontal members) and then place 1×2? verticals every 9″ between the housewrap and the metal for a rain screen.

I am building my house as inexpensively as possible.

My sawmill will saw up the vertical strips needed in an hour once the log is in the hydraulic arm, so there is no cost, beyond a little time for my verticals rain screen.

I have been scrounging super deals on materials for a couple years. Perma-Column brackets are set in concrete and we are a couple weeks from framing.

Thank you. 


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  1. Expert Member


    Are you sure you want the rain-screen furring to run vertically for metal cladding? Is the where the 9" oc spacing came from?

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