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Code requires updating windows during a siding repair?

Gregory Dorsey | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Our condo complex recently had a major repair to one of the buildings due to water damage within an exterior wall. This required removing the brick and replacing the material behind it. The builder said he could not re-install the existing window because it was not up to current code. Can anyone confirm this as a code requirement?

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  1. Lucy Foxworth | | #1


    This is one of those questions you really have to ask local code officials for the absolute correct answer. Sometimes an expert on this site will know the answer to your question because they are your area, but we have to know your area first.

    Please let us know where you are located.

  2. Dennis Heidner | | #2

    Some AHJ may not agree to the re-installing same size windows if they fail to meet new fire codes (too small for egress). The builder should be able to explain more details...

  3. Gregory Dorsey | | #3

    Located in Houston, TX.

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