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Cold weather XPS adhesive?

Michael Grundvig | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all! I am trying to use the Christmas break to glue XPS insulation to my interior basement walls. Unfortunately we are having a cold snap so I need to find a cold-weather adhesive that can work in lower temperatures. Most all I’ve found say 40F and up, I need more like 30F and up. Does this even exist? Any other suggestions on how to get this done? Thanks in advance!


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  1. Erik Haugsjaa | | #1

    How about fasteners instead of adhesive... like Marc Rosenbaum did here:

  2. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    If it's not too late, change the rigid foam to polyisocyanurate (fiber or foil faced), which has a much lower environmental impact, and a comparable or higher R/inch. XPS will eventually fall to R4.2/inch (same as EPS) as it loses it's HFC blowing agents (powerful greenhouse gases with greater than 1000x CO2 potential at 100 years. Polyiso is blown with pentane (~7x CO2). Polyiso also won't melt into a flaming puddle in the event of a fire the way XPS does.

    If your basement walls are measuring under 40F, raising the temperature of the basement with space heaters can usually take care of that.

    (Erik- is J. racing in the WaWa night league again this year? Sure beats bowling! :-) )

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    I'll echo the previous suggestions: either use heaters to raise the temperature of the space, or switch to mechanical fasteners.

  4. Keith Gustafson | | #4

    I recently used Sikaflex and PL Plus polyurethane construction adhesive in the 30's with no apparent problems. Neither melts XPS

  5. Keith Gustafson | | #5

    Oh, and I used a 'T nailer' to hold the foam up while the adhesive set. Not fit for a finished look like the fasteners Marc used, but I was covering it anyway

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