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Dense packed cellulose walls

Lan3fPBEwv | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

We’re building a structure with double framed exterior walls to be dense-packed with cellulose. An exterior 2×4 structural wall will be combined with a non-structural 2×4 interior wall. The walls will have a one inch gap between them for 8″ of dense-packed cellulose blown behind insulweb netting. We live in central Pennsylvania. Cold winters, hot summers. Lots of precipitation year round. Can we get away with this wall structure without planning on adding rigid insulation to the building’s exterior, or will we be asking for condensation problems on the inside of the exterior sheathing on cold winter days if we don’t add the rigid? Housewrap, flashing tape, etc will be used as standard. Thanks, Doug Plitt

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Your question is discussed in this article: How Risky Is Cold OSB Wall Sheathing?

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