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Dimple Mat For Finished Basement Wall

cotto11 | Posted in General Questions on

Currently have a French drain with a bit of dimple mat coming up the wall.

looking at finishing my basement walls but trying to decide if I should get additional dimple mat to run up the wall or just put the 4” of EPS i was planning to get the R15 in PA directly on the wall and stud in front?

My online search of dimple mat hasn’t come up with much in stock or that wouldn’t be shipped from another country just to cover my 104ft of wall.

shoukd note walls are now relatively dry, and there isn’t any Drylok or anything just what appears to be some old green paint in spots.

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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    With taped EPS and the EPS just sitting against the wall (or not glued with horizontal lines), I don't see water (if any) making it to the stud wall.

    1. cotto11 | | #3

      Thanks for the reply, definitely leaning towards just the rigid foam directly against the wall, save on some cost and the difficulty I’m having in finding some dimple mat.

      Question though, with the 6-12” of mat coming up from the French drain on the wall. Bout 1/4” thick if I put the foam up against and nothing to even that 1/4” at the top wouldn’t my stud wall be off slightly. Suggestions?

  2. Deleted | | #2


  3. maine_tyler | | #4

    You can/should set your stud wall plumb regardless of the concrete, foam, anything else behind it.

    You could run vertical beads of adhesive/caulk etc, to stand the foam off the wall a bit (serving similar function as dimple mat).

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