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Duct design costs-what are you paying?

AJ__ | Posted in General Questions on

I just got a quote for duct design and was a little surprised at the cost given my project is a small one. I’m interested in what others have paid for duct design?

Any recommendations in Canada?


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  1. Yupster | | #1

    Our firm does HVAC designs for residential construction in Ontario, prices usually range from $500 to $1500, depending on the complexity of the project. I think that's about standard. Be sure not to get your design from the supply houses, the quality of work I've seen from those providers is very low.

    1. AJ__ | | #2

      Could you send me the contact information? My place is 980sq ft and I was quoted more than the top end figure you mention.

      1. Yupster | | #3

        Sure, as long as it's clear I'm not using this site as a billboard. Just trying to provide helpful information. :) You can reach me at our firm at e f o l e y @ n e x i c o m . n e t.
        Out of curiosity, were you talking to an engineering firm or an hvac design only firm or...? That seems like a very high fee for a small house. Or maybe you are doing something out of the ordinary or complicated?

        1. AJ__ | | #4

          Thank you, it was an energy/mechanical engineering firm. I don't believe there is anything complicated about the layout or design at all, quite the opposite.

  2. AJ__ | | #5

    Bumping this in the hope to get some more answers

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