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Electrical run in strapped cavity vs attic cavity

Hill_Builder | Posted in Building Code Questions on

I have 2 questions:  

1.  I don’t understand how strapping works for the electrical wires that go the opposite way of the strapping.  It looks like in the photo the wire is run behind the strapping, but in front of the air barrier.  I am interpreting this correctly?

2.  The other picture shows the conditioned attic from a house near by that was build about 7 months ago and what the electrician did with their electrical.  I know we have code here, but I am unsure how this passed.  It is because it is out of reach and that is why it is not stapled down?

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  1. freyr_design | | #1

    Yes they have strapping perpendicular to truss or ceiling joist and so just have to push up intello slightly.

    1. Expert Member
      DCcontrarian | | #2

      Yup. In the image that has two photos, in the left photo you can see a cable that is stapled to the joist and then goes under the strapping.

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