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ERV and HRV efficacy requirements under 2015 IECC code

IRFL | Posted in General Questions on

In the IECC 2015 table R403.6.1 it lists In-line fan must have a efficacy of 2.8cfm/watt, is that the requirements we would use for whole house mechanical ventilation units such as ERV and HRV units.

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  1. CramerSilkworth | | #1

    I don't believe that requirement applies to H/ERVs. If it does we're in trouble; only 20 of 375 HVI listed H/ERVs would meet it.

  2. IRFL | | #2

    I agree, but is there a efficacy requirement for ERV/HRV unit or do you just enter the HVI rated power consumption or measure the actual power consumption and enter that in the HERS rating?

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