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ERV Installer in South Jersey?

user-7866976 | Posted in General Questions on

My wife and I will be breaking ground on a new home in southern New Jersey within the next 6 weeks or so. We wanted an ERV and received a design and quote from Zehnder USA. Despite the high price, we’re still quite interested in having this particular system installed.

Here’s the rub. Neither my GC nor I have had any success in finding an HVAC contractor willing to install the system. My builder advised me his subcontractor wouldn’t install the the Zehnder but would be willing to install a Honeywell system he’s familiar with. When I contacted multiple HVAC installers, not one had familiarity with installing ERV systems. In fact, some of contractors weren’t even aware ERV system installs were listed on their web site. 

As such, I’m turning to the GBA community for help. I’d be grateful if someone could provide the name of a contractor in the South Jersey area who might be willing to install a Zehnder system. Thanks in advance!

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