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Experience with Fenstur Windows

jonny_h | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anyone have experience with Fenstur windows in Vancouver?  On paper, their product looks reasonable — triple pane wood or Al-clad wood — and a quote I’ve gotten is competitive or better than some of the European import options (at least assuming domestic shipping isn’t as bad as overseas…)  However, I haven’t really seen any reviews or anyone using them on projects, compared with the common menu of European (or US / Canadian fiberglass & vinyl) options.  Looks like they’re using AGB hardware, which I also haven’t heard as much about (seems like Roto is the most common one?).  They also claim that their wood finishing system is “better” and that it doesn’t need aluminum cladding for durability, merely aesthetics, which would be a cost savings.  Anyone used or seen these windows in person?

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  1. oberon476 | | #1

    I had never heard of Fenstur before today, but after looking through their website I was impressed by what I saw there.
    While I would have liked to have seen more technical information, from what I did see on the website this appears to be an impressive window system that might be worth serious consideration.

    Background: I am retired from the glass/window industry.

    1. jonny_h | | #2

      Thanks! Yeah, they sent me more technical details after I contacted them (but also wanted an NDA :-/ ). Also, they have less of a menu of 4-6 options like some manufacturers -- when I asked about glass options, the answer was basically "let us know what you want and we'll work with our supplier to get it." They appear to be a branch of a woodworking / custom doors and cabinetry company, so I imagine they're getting IGUs from one of the typical suspects, AGB hardware, and building the wood frames.

      I'm hoping to get a better shipping cost compared to some European suppliers since it's a same continent truck journey, but we'll see. Cembra (Rieder importer) actually had a competitive quote (including aluminum cladding and sills!) but shipping / import costs end up being a substantial portion of the cost for a small order like mine.

  2. j_prescott | | #3

    Hello Jonny_H, Curious if you decided to go with Fenstur or not. I'm looking at a quote from them for my project and mulling over the same questions you had. Thanks.

    1. jonny_h | | #4

      Hi Scott, Sorry I'm not able to help, I didn't end up going with them. Unfortunately the transportation costs from the west coast to my location pushed them out of the budget, and I ended up going with Inline fiberglass windows produced a lot closer to me.

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