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Fancy canned spray foam

Stephen Edge | Posted in General Questions on

I see fancy canned foam in the blogs from time to time, with metal triggers and hoses. Where would one buy a setup like this? I’m building my house on weekends and can’t seem to reuse cheap canned foam hoses… Maybe there is a trick I don’t know about.

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  1. David Meiland | | #2

    I use a lot of foam at times, and then at other times use none. For a while now I've been using "Touch 'n Foam' brand guns and foam, and have had no problems leaving the can on the gun for long periods. When I'm done using it I close the valve and leave it... when ready to use again I scrape the hardened foam off the tip and open the valve. Using hardware store product like Great Stuff with the plastic straws is torture compared to using a gun with a long, thin nozzle and a shutoff valve... in fact in my opinion it's designed to maximize waste of the product so you have to buy more. The gun I use cost $33, the cans of low-expansion foam are about $14.

  2. Stephen Edge | | #3

    Interesting. What is mastic? Does it come in a caulking sleeve form? I need to seal up some electrical boxes.

  3. Aj Builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | | #4

    Google it.

  4. Stephen Edge | | #5

    What is Google? Do they sell it at home depot? Does it come in caulking sleeves?

  5. David Meiland | | #6

    Stephen, mastic is a runny caulk-like material that comes in cans or buckets. It is good for gooping on ductwork, but I don't know that I'd try to do electrical boxes with it. Hate to admit it, but I usually spray a blob of foam behind and around an electrical box if I want to air-seal it. That takes care of the wire holes and the other small holes in the box. You are still left with the gap around the outside of the box where it penetrates the drywall, that is better sealed with latex caulk assuming it's the 1/8" gap left by a roto-zip tool.

  6. Stephen Edge | | #7

    Thanks David.

  7. Albert Rooks | | #8


    If for some really strange reason you still can't find gun foam and a gun to go with it, give us a call. We've got plenty and be happy to share.: 1-855-FOR-SIGA.

  8. davidmeiland | | #9

    Albert, what flavor do you have?

  9. Albert Rooks | | #10

    Tremco Tremglaze LEF. It's works fine. In stock but not on the web yet.

    I'm also just working up a Private Label program with FOMO. We've been struggling with the No VOC vs Eco (10%soy) formula and I'm currently leaning towards the Eco Foam since I've got a feeling that there are health concerns for the no voc refirgerant propellant. I hear they are moving away from it.

    Cost per oz is good, it's flammable but i feel safer about people inhaling the propellant.

    What do you like David?

  10. davidmeiland | | #11

    This is what I've been using... about ~$15 per can, and what's critical to me is that it will not distort jambs or anything else... expands nicely but exerts no force, hard enough to trim in maybe 15 minutes or less. The gun is ~$33.

  11. Albert Rooks | | #12


    I've just been to "gun foam school". It's amazing the stuff you learn in the coarse of a day...

    There are two low expansion gun foams I'm told: standard LEF will exert 4 to 5psi on the average door/window frame. That can distort some frames. The cans marked "window and door" have reduced solids and will only exert about 2 PSI in the same application. Tribal experience says that is not enough to distort the frames.

    My Tremglaze is not the window and door recipe. It's the 4 to 5lb for general air sealing. Hence why I'm adding the new foams to the mix. I guess I'm not greedy enough, I can sell a 24oz can for $10.20ea.

    Guns themselves are funny... I've got one that doesn't look any better than yours but have to sell it at ~$50. Then I've got a few of what I think are the best guns on the planet: All metal, good dials and control, but ~$109. (I'm still a tool freak and couldn't resist them...)

    If you send me the "ship to" address of your SJ Island "enclave", I'll send you a can of the soy based window and door foam if you'd agree to tell me what you REALLY think of it. I don't use it enough to really know and need to make some choices soon.

    [email protected]

    Darn... I can never get the pics to not rotate :(

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