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Floor system for helical piling construction

robertbob2 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

We are building a net zero home in northern BC, the temperature here can dip to – 40. We have decided to use a helical pile foundation using beams, supporting engineered joists for the floor. The crawl space will not be heated. I am looking for some advice on how to insulate and seal the floor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. DC_Contrarian | | #1

    I'd start with this article:

    I did something similar in my house. I found it really, really hard to get the trades to understand that it was an unheated crawlspace with an insulated floor. Every time I turned around the plumber was trying to run a water pipe through it or the HVAC guy was wanting to run ductwork in it -- even though I had given them drawings showing where things were supposed to go. I had to get the insulation guy to come back five times before it was insulated the way it was supposed to be.

  2. robertbob2 | | #2

    Great article, thanks!

    1. Expert Member
  3. robertbob2 | | #4

    Thanks Malcolm

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #5


      One other point perhaps not mentioned in the articles: Enclosing a crawlspace with a skirt is tricky for a few reasons:

      - Building codes don't draw the distinction between a conventional crawlspace and a house on piers with a skirt. Once the underside of a house is enclosed, it's a crawlspace, with all the requirements that brings.
      - You will need an insulated core to bring services up into the house without freezing. You may want to use something the detail shown in this link:
      - Pests find it a lot easier to access the area. Make sure whatever protection you use on the underside of the floor system can keep them out.

  4. MartinHolladay | | #6

    Here's another link: "Crawl Spaces vs. Skirts"

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