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Formaldehyde-free I-joists

Will Tinkelenberg | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Is it possible to get formaldehyde-free I-joists and, if so, who manufactures them? Thanks.

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  1. Matthew Nolette - So Maine CZ 6A | | #2

    From AJ's link:

    "Formaldehyde concerns are generally limited to urea formaldehyde
    adhesives used in the manufacture of wood panel products
    intended for interior use where moisture resistance is not required.

    International Beams engineered wood products (EWP) contain
    no urea formaldehyde as a result of the manufacturing

    All of the name brand i-joists are urea free: Boise-Cascade All-Joist, Weyerhauser's ILevel TJI's, and LP SolidStart.

  2. Will Tinkelenberg | | #3

    Thanks for the answers. I called Boise-Cascade and they confirmed that they do not use urea-formaldehyde in their I-Joists; their MSDS lists phenol-formaldehyde. Who-formaldehyde? So... a little research later: turns out that there is urea-formaldehyde (used for "interior" applications) and phenol-formaldehyde (used for "exterior" applications). Evidently the phenol-formaldehyde emits significantly less formaldehyde than the urea-formaldehyde. Learn something new every day.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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