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Fujitsu mini-split controls with remote sensing

monkeyman9 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m hoping someone has researched this well already.  I’m used to Mitsubishi Mini Splits controls where you can add their Kuhmo cloud control and a remote temp sensor.  Or use the MHK1 which uses the Honeywell website and also works as a remote sensor.

On Fujitsu wall mount, ducted and recessed ceiling units it looks like there are many options for controls.  It appears you can used a wired thermostat that will act as a remote sensor.  But it also appears you may not be able to use wifi control with it?

It appears if you use FGLair wifi adapter there may be no way to remote sense temperature other than at the units intake?  Is this true?

This may push me back to Mitsubishi units from the Fujitsu units I previously decided on.  I need remote sensing of temperature and wifi control to be happy 🙂  Call me a controls freak 😀

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