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Youtube Resources for Residential Design-Build Content

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

I thought I would suggest starting a thread with a running inventory of Youtube channels dedicated to architectural design, construction, performance testing, net zero, passive house, HVAC equipment, appliances or any additional channels featuring really great building information.

So, I’ll start things off with 10 suggestions and then add more if people are interested and please feel free to add your own suggestions:

1. Unbuildit Podcast with Peter Yost, Steve Baczek and Jake Bruton

2. 30×40 Architectural Design

3. Matt Risinger

4. Awesome Framers

5. Brent Hull Historic Millwork

6. Building Science and Beer

7. Green Home Institute

8. Home Diagnosis TV

9. Passive House Accelerator

10.Indoor Air Quality Radio Podcast

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  1. rockies63 | | #1

    Hmm, I'm a little surprised nobody posted a comment. I would think that everyone looks through Youtube for inspiration. Well, I've already done a second list so here goes.

    1. This Old House – The show that started it all.

    2. Fine Homebuilding – Everyone knows this one.

    3. Conscious Builder Show – A Passive house builder in Eastern Canada

    4. Metal Roofing Learning Channel – Everything you need to know about specifying and installing metal roofing and siding. Lots of “how-to” videos.

    5. New York Passive House – Great presentations and discussions

    6. NS Builders – Top level builder, in particular check out his kitchen finishing videos

    7. Perkins Builder Brothers – Advice and tips on construction, tools, how-to’s, as well as house build series from start to finish.

    8. Yale Appliances – Lots of great appliance reviews, tips on kitchen design, comparisons between different brands and models. Also great information in their “Appliance Advisors” videos where they answer viewer questions.

    9. Slow Home – An older channel that hasn’t been updated in a while but it involves two architects who take apart and analyze real floor plans, showing you what’s wrong with them and how to improve the layout and functionality. Practical advice that you can apply to your own designs.

    10. Essential Craftsman – Smaller builder with lots of practical construction advice.

  2. rockies63 | | #2

    Here's a resource mentioned by Matt Risinger. It's a website called Construction Instruction by Mark Laliberte. Matt said in his video that he learned a lot of his building science methods from Mark when he was first starting out.

    Have a look through their building science library for some great articles, how-to videos and design details.

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