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Heat Pump and/or Condensing Dryer

C L | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

1. Are both heat pump and condensing dryers equally as efficient because both do not need to be vented to the outside?
2. The only full/normal size (ie not compact apt size)  heat pump dryer that seems to be on the market in the US is the Whirlpool WTW8120H.  It has a questionable rating.
Do any GBA’s have this dryer and if so
a. has it performed ok?
b. Is it really worth the energy savings?
c. Does it really take a long time to dry things?

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  1. Stephen Sheehy | | #1

    We've had an earlier Whirlpool model heat pump dryer for more than six years. It works well with no problems at all so far. A big plus for us is not needing another hole in the envelope. It's also nice not to worry about flammable lint collecting in the vent pipe.
    It's a lot slower to dry stuff. But from our standpoint, so what? You don't need to supervise it.
    Supposedly it uses less than half the energy of a regular dryer.

  2. emma_vt | | #2

    The model number you gave appears to be for a washer, did you mean this one?,-advanced-moisture-sensing.whd560chw.html

    I have the Blomberg units and I sadly really don't like my dryer. However, it is one of the compact units and I think a lot of my frustration with it could be resolved if it was larger.

    I can't tell if this Whirlpool unit has the second filter that you have to wash regularly like my Blomberg does. If it doesn't then great, you should totally get it! I really dislike this chore, just one of those small things that becomes super irritating with time but you have to do to keep it running efficiently.

  3. Mark Adle | | #3

    If you're referring to the full size Whirlpool Heat Pump Dryer Model #WHD560CHW, I purchased it two months ago and have been using it full time. I don't have an energy monitor on it so I haven't been able to measure how much energy it is savings.

    As far as performance, it does take a little bit longer to dry, the "dryness" sensor errs on the side of barely dry, slightly damp. So you end up drying it again or increase the drying cycle time. Not a big deal, you learn to adjust after a few loads. Supposedly by not using as high heat as traditional dryers, they're "easier" on your clothing, less wear and tear, yada yada.

    It comes with two lint filters, the traditional one in the drum, and a separate one at the base of the unit. I read reviews extensively, and the instructions say to clean the base filter every 5 loads, and the dryer will remind you. The base filter is the one that protects the condenser coils/fins. I am very meticulous with that and will use my small shopvac and vacuum it every 2-3 loads.

    Once the coils/fins get accumulated with lint, it's borderline impossible to disassemble the unit to clean the fins. I would rather do a little extra maintenance between loads (vacuuming the filters) than have the whole unit crump on me in a few years. Supposedly you find out that the fins/coils are not performing as well when it takes longer and longer for the clothes to dry.

    Overall I'm happy with the unit, no vent to the outside. Works well enough, a little pricey but such is the price for high performance. Granted, I have two months of experience with it.

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