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Samsung Heat Pump Dryer Humidity Issues

ericbarker | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’ve owned a Samsung DV22N6800HW dryer for about a year now and have been experiencing a lot of humidity in the laundry room when it’s running. Initially I ran the output pump to the drain that is shared with the washing machine, but also tried using the built in water capture tray, but get the same result both ways. It’s a small laundry room and it feels like a sauna in there after running for a while. I’ve been diligent about cleaning the (pain in the neck) heat exchanger fins throughout. I haven’t contacted Samsung because, based on a previous question that I had about the dryer, they generally don’t seem to think that it’s actually a product that they make. My wife has started opening the window in the room while it’s running, which at least partially defeats the benefits of sealing up the old dryer vent penetration. Curious if others have had this issue or have thoughts about whether or not this should be expected.


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  1. CramerSilkworth | | #1

    This is expected, I've seen it happen with other unvented dryers. In new construction or major renos I vent the laundry room like it's a bathroom (ERV or bath fan).

  2. charlie_sullivan | | #2

    Very interesting. It is expected in other unvented dryers, but it should be much less in a heat pump dryer. The air cycle inside the dryer can't be a fully closed loop, because there would be too much heat build-up, so it has to vent some air and take it some cold air. Where in the cycle it vents the air will affect how much water vapor is emitted. It's possible that Samsung does that differently from other dryers; it's also possible that something is wrong with your unit. Unfortunately, it's going to be hard to find documentation about it. Hopefully others will be able to report their experiences.

  3. jwasilko | | #3

    We have a Miele heat pump dryer and it doesn't seem to put much humidity into the room.

  4. user-2310254 | | #4


    Just speculating, but I wonder if this issues has anything to do with your washer. Do your clothes seem soggy at the end of the wash cycle?

    Also... What are your indoor humidity levels on on-wash days? Maybe you are starting out with elevated humidity.

  5. Jon_Lawrence | | #5

    I had a Miele heat pump dryer in my previous house that did not have mechanical ventilation and the dryer added some heat, but no noticeable humidity to the room. My current house which has the same dryer and an ERV exhaust in the laundry room has neither a noticeable increase in heat nor humidity.

  6. ericbarker | | #6

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I'll try to get a read on the indoor humidity in that room, but I can't really imagine that it would be especially high. Washer spin cycle is working fine...clothes are fairly well wrung out prior to putting into dryer.

  7. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #7

    Could it be that the dryer is not draining properly? My understanding is the dryer should produce a stream of hot water as the clothes are dried. If that water isn't draining away it could produce elevated humidity in the room.

  8. frasca | | #8

    +1 on never noticing this with a Miele.

  9. charlie_sullivan | | #9

    I looked at the Q&A section on the Home Depot web site for the listing for this model. Samsung replied to a question for a prospective buyer: "Hey gary. This unit does not vent into the the room and does not effect the climate of the room its in."

    Another user said, "I live in FL and we have a great deal of humidity. The dryer is in our indoor laundry room and have not noticed any moisture issues."

    I'm guessing you have a defective unit. It seems that one way to get attention from Samsung is to leave a one-star review on the Home Depot web site. There are a bunch of those, to which Samsung replies with a phone number and case number to get some special attention.

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