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Recommendations for Heat-Pump Dryer

PAUL KUENN | Posted in General Questions on

Can anyone chime in on their favorite heat pump clothes dryer? I want to purchase one but I can find very few within a 100 miles. Brands, models are you happy with your choice? Thanks!

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  1. AlexPoi | | #1

    I got the compact Whirlpool unit (YWHD5090GW). Don't know if it's available in the US. I really like it other than the controls (you need to press the buttons really hard). Take a bit more time to dry the towels but it's more gentle on clothes. Not having to clean the dryer ducts is really nice.

  2. aaronbeckworth | | #2


    I do not have direct experience but have read good reviews here on GBA and elsewhere for the Miele heat pump dryers. The reviews mentioned how well the lint filters worked and how easy they are to clean.

    From my experience with an LG washer/condensing dryer combo unit, I’ve learned how important it is to control lint buildup. Unfortunately, that machine is not designed for ease of cleaning.

  3. Jon_Lawrence | | #3


    I have owned 2 Miele heat pump dryers. The first one I purchased about 2 years ago after my gas dryer died. I really liked it. It basically dehumidifies the clothes as opposed to cooking them. I found the drying times to be similar to a gas dryer, maybe a tad longer. You have 3 levels of drying to choose from: Normal, Normal + and Extra Dry. I typically use Normal + unless I have a heavy load with insulated jeans and sweatshirts, then I use Extra Dry. The first unit was in my previous house which was not mechanically ventilated and it did warm the laundry room up somewhat. In my current house which is mechanically ventilated, there is an ERV exhaust in the laundry room, so I do not notice any change in the room temp as the heat is being recycled through the ERV. Depending on the drying time, I have measured the usage per load between .75kWH and 1kWH. The unit has a plinth filter which is similar to foam air filter is a small gas engine. It needs to cleaned and rinsed after about 20 loads. I bought an extra one so that I don't have to wait for the cleaned one to dry before continuing the drying cycle. The coil needs to be vacuumed every few months, maybe a 5 minute task and that is it. I also bought the matching washer which allows me to place a counter height slab over both of them - when I get around to it.

  4. PAUL KUENN | | #4

    Thanks All!
    I really appreciate you giving me the KWH Jonathan as we are a net zero solar home.

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