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Problem With Drainage for Heat-Pump Dryer

austraveler | Posted in General Questions on

We just completed a reno with an installation of a Whirlpool WHD56CHW stacked on our washer. First load is taking forever to dry – multiple hours. I noticed that there was water in the drain hose so I took it out of the pipe and dropped it down to a bucket for now.

The drain pipe is about 10″ above the bottom of the dryer, and the drain hose is drooping down before it goes into the pipe. Should I just cut the hose?

Can someone point me to an explanation of how this is supposed to work?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    It should be able to pump the water up even to a drain pipe that's a little above the top of the dryer. Does it work better with the bucket on the floor? If so, I'd try an experiment of running with the bucket raised to about where your drain pipe is and see if it discharges any water. If not, it might be that your dryer is defective--a bad condensate pump, or a bad sensor telling it when to run.

    1. austraveler | | #2

      Thanks. I wasn’t sure if there was a condensate pump or if it was just a drain hole. Ran suggested tests, and the water doesn’t get moved.

      Manual says there should be a gurgling sound as it cycles, and there isn’t one. So, I guess the pump is defective. Will contact service.

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