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Home in Zone 6, HVAC questions

molligan1 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

New here. We are in the process of a new residential construction (2700 sqft, two story) in MN. Originally we were planning to use radiant floor heating on both levels with a Unico system for AC, but after reading through this site it seems that isn’t a widely supported option. Mini-splits are a no-go from a design perspective (…blame the wife on this one). I am assuming if the house is well insulated and air-tight, the consensus is forced air with a cold climate heat pump? Does anyone have any other thoughts on the Unico high-velocity systems for rather modest cooling needs (~2-3 months out of the year). We are can tolerate a pretty wide temp range (60-80F) indoors. Not crazy about the reviews of it being rather noisy (one of the major reasons we were considering radiant).


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