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How do I get a detail to frame 3 windows side by side?

TAVITA | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Removing a garage door and installing pony wall in opening of existing garage dooor and installing 3 windows side by side

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  1. Expert Member


    When I gang individual windows in a 2"x6" wall, I like to frame the jambs in between with 2 2"x4"s. This gives room for the flanges, which can be covered with one piece of trim, and on the interior makes it appear as one large window with three lites, and a continuous stool.

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    I often do as Malcolm suggests, with a wide mullion between windows, which in addition to the benefits he touts, is historically correct for traditional New England homes which usually had metal weights to counterbalance the sashes so they had wide mullions.

    For more contemporary designs, I often like to keep the units tight-mulled, which results in the appearance of more glass from the interior and on the exterior it makes the ganged window seem more like a single unit. Here's a garage door turned into a 3-gang window. The windows have to be ordered from the factory as tight-mulled.

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