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HVAC pressure design

jberks | Posted in Mechanicals on

More of a mechanical design question:

My reno presents some interesting challenges regarding the duct work where I’m avoiding vertical chases and bulkheads for ductwork.

I’m doing a 4 zone, low velocity forced air system.

Doing the pressure calcs, specifically the 3rd floor zone I’m getting around 0.7″w.c. Based on the Lennox unit I want, the specs say the max is 1″w.c.

Where I’m afraid is I’ve never installed a furnace on a system like this. So I was wondering if anyone as any experience in this regard of pressure drop of a duct system and unit performance (or issues)

Is 0.3″w.c. a good buffer for pressure?
Can I go right up to 1″w.c. without any issues?
Is there a standard practice pressure value I should be going by?



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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Assuming that your calculations are correct, then everything should be OK, since 0.7 is less than 1.0.

    At a recent conference, I heard Dean Gamble give a presentation on static pressure. Good stuff. Here is a link to the presentation -- there might be some info in there that helps you:

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