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Installing house wrap over ForceField panels

mhenson | Posted in General Questions on


Zip system won’t fit the budget for this house (Zip panels are over double the normal price in my market for some reason).  So for exterior wall wrap the intent is to go with Tyvek Commercial D.  However, ForceField panels are only slightly more expensive than OSB it would only cost $1,500 more for the whole 5700 sq ft house than normal structural OSB.  Would there be a problem with any of the below assembly or is there a similar cost assembly that is better?
ForceField panels taped with Siga Wugluv (properly applied, without primer).  Then Tyvek Commercial D over the top of the ForceField panels, then furring boards then siding?
Basically the only thing different is ForceField OSB panels instead of bare OSB.   Before you ask, CDX is about the same price as Zip here as well.

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  1. Expert Member

    I think you'd be wasting $1,500 that you could otherwise invest in your kids college fund by having those two layers. Given that you'll have a rain screen, the tyvek without the force field would be sufficient, or the force field without the tyvek would (probably) be sufficient. Tape the seams in either case.

  2. mhenson | | #2

    LOL, point taken. I have read reviews on ForceField and wouldn't want to trust it by itself, so Tyvek it is. Insurance is nice, but if it isn't needed it is both more expensive and environmentally irresponsible.

  3. Expert Member


    I agree with Kyle. I've seen the advice that it might be wise to cover Zip with an additional WRB, but doesn't that sort of beg the question as to why use a product with an integrated WRB in the first place if you don't trust it?

    Where I disagree with Kyle is that you should invest the savings in your kid's education. If things are really as bad as they appear to be now, I'd opt for cocaine and strippers.

    1. Expert Member

      I wasn't expecting that twist! Ha, makes for a good Friday.

  4. mhenson | | #4

    Both of you have excellent building advice and wildly different views of how to spend extra money. I will probably just spend it on inflation.

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #6


      Realistically, so will Kyle and I.

  5. drewintoledo | | #7

    Why not just use the forcefield tape that is intended to be used on this product?
    I saw a youtube video of zip vs forcefeild left in the elements and both appeared to perform nicely over long periods of time.
    My house is built using forcefield. I haven't had time to side it and it's been in the elements for about 4 months. We've had quite a few massive storms. (documented at the end of this video: It still looks like new product. Nothing bubbling or detereriorating, falling apart, etc. I hope to have it covered in a couple more weeks, but point is that I have faith in the product and I received 11% back rebate money from Menards when I purchased this product.
    So far, I couldn't be happier.

  6. mhenson | | #8

    I already bought the Siga Wugluv 60 in preparation for installing bare OSB with Tyvek Commerical D.

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